Who we are

MICHAEL COMMUNITY CENTRE is a Community Based Organization [CBO] registered in 2017 as a non-profit voluntary organization under The Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Development, Murang’a, Kenya Registration Certificate Number 32737. Our area of operation is Murang’a County, Central Province in Kenya.

The organization’s core objective is creating outreach programs to support orphans and vulnerable children [OVC]. We give specific attention to children orphaned by HIV/AIDS and handicapped children.

Due to the poor economic conditions of the guardians we have also created specific outreach programs that empower and uplift the guardians hence enable them support the orphans.

Many families that live in extreme poverty require external support for their dependents. We have created programs to support them and reduce the overall poverty of the county.

Changing a Child’s life will Change a Family which will have an impact on Community and eventually the World.


To empower underprivileged families; children, youth, women and people living with disabilities,  through relevant education and market-focused livelihood programmes.

We believe every young person deserves an opportunity to be the best they can be.

St. Michael Community Centre believes in and is guided by the following ideals:

  • Support for the most vulnerable children
  • Mutual respect
  • Transparency and Accountability
  • Equity
  • Participatory Approach

Support St. Michael Community Centre Projects

Contribute and make a difference in the life of the Muranga people and children.

Our Focus Areas

ST.MICHAEL COMMUNITY CENTRE’s expanded programs holistically encompass as many solutions possible to cater for problems that are faced by the indigenous population. These include:

  1. Special attention on the vulnerable orphans in our community.
  2. Support Programs for children to ensure they go to school.
  3. Supporting Programs for youth
  4. Support Disability Programs
  5. The marginalized women and widows
  6. Alcohol and Drug abstinence among the school children and youth
  7. Life skills among the teenagers
  8. Water, Sanitation and Hygiene [WASH]
  9. Support Programs for the handicapped
  10. Education sponsorship for children who qualify to enroll for Secondary school, tertiary and university education
  11. HIV/AIDS prevention and support Programs
  1. Environment and Green energy Programs

Our Organization Structure

The management body of the organization is led by a Board of 7 members  consisting of Founder, Secretary, Administrator, Treasurer and Trustees. This Board is the ultimate in decision making; such as children’s admissions, staff recruitment, procurement of drugs, fundraising activities and overall management of community facilities. Board meets regularly to review the programs implementation, discuss the issues and take decisions towards organizational growth. During these meetings the Secretary plays the vital role of writing minutes regularly. The Secretary also calls the other members to extra ordinary meetings or in any emergency.


St. Michael Community Centre is built on its own parcel land. The founder has allocated 1.4 acres of land for the very purpose of developing the charity. The land is freehold. All developments will be done within the land.