Community Empowerment Projects:

One of St. Michael Community Centre’s main goals is to break the cycle of poverty by creating projects that foster economic sustainability and growth.

By targeting the Murang’a communities and taking account of the needs expressed by the locals, we are able to initiate a number of projects that create long-lasting and positive change in our areas.

Projects to be initiated include:-

  1. Crop sustainability and training
  2. Dairy farming
  3. Chicken farming
  4. Tree planting
  5. Water catchment areas and river protection
  6. Educational programs for children and adults
  7. Caring for vulnerable children in the community
  8. Community outreach
  9. Caring for the disabled in the community

Our belief is that families develop best in a community with a sense of order, positive social interaction and opportunities supported by positive adults. It is our Centre’s aim and commitment to work with individuals and families to build, foster and empower the Murang’a Community through capitalization of indigenous support, community stakeholders, organized networks, and community education.

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