St. Michael Community Centre envisages Eradicating Poverty and Promoting Prosperity for Persons Living with Disabilities [PLWD]

With the support of donors, we shall aid and empower persons with disabilities living in poverty in Murang’a County.

Through sponsorship, the persons with disabilities will better their lives and have a sense of belonging. They will significantly advance in their human, social and economic development in society and avoid living in impoverished state.

What Can Be Done for the Handicapped:

  1. Assist them acquire assistive devises -wheel chairs, walking sticks, raised toilets, specialized eye lenses.
  2. Create and support income generating activities for them.
  3. Train them in self-employment to startup micro or small business –Tailoring, carpentry, small vegetable or consumable goods grocery stalls and selling of confectionaries.

Self-employment is the most accessible option for many people with disabilities; generally, it is difficult to find a formal employment. We will work towards supporting them attain self-employment.

We intend to build a workshop where they can meet to work and manage their income generating activities together. They will work to generate income for themselves and their families and thus add to household income.

We are seeking to empower all categories of PLWD  in Murang’a County :

  • Deaf
  • Blind
  • Albinos
  • The Physically Challenged
  • Mentally Handicapped
  • Autistic Children

Help Us Do More!

Donate to St. Michael Community Centre and make a change in the lives of the handicapped in Murang’a