Gender-based Violence remains one of the worst violations of human rights, with women as the victims and survivors. Violence against women is an expression of inequality between men and women where it is inflicted by on women and girls by men.

The main types of domestic violence faced by women and girls in Murang’a County are:-

  1. Physical abuse
  2. Financial abuse
  3. Emotional abuse
  4. Psychological abuse and
  5. Sexual abuse

 Our Role:

By increasing self-esteem, educating and empowering victims of domestic violence to become self-sufficient, they are able to maintain independence in a violence-free lifestyle. St. Michael Community Centre will support the program via;

  1. Promote gender equality in schools and widen access to education for girls.
  2. Discourage early marriage and premature pregnancy, the leading cause of death of girls between 15 to 19 years of age.
  3. Bring greater attention to violence that is perpetrated by a partner or spouse.
  4. Provide women with access information to their legal right to pursue justice against perpetrators of violence through the formal legal system.
  5. Prevention should start early in life, by educating and working with young boys and girls, promoting respectful relationships and gender equality through behavior and attitudinal change among boys and men.
  6. Awareness-raising and community mobilization, through media and social media  Take a stand for women and girls today:  

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