Supporting Orphans & Vulnerable Children

This is ST.MICHAEL COMMUNITY CENTRE flagship project. To help vulnerable orphaned children secure a quality life. ST.MICHAEL COMMUNITY CENTRE supports orphans and helps to lift them out of poverty.

Together, with us you can help continue supporting their educational development and provide our  needy orphans – who have no guardians to care for them.

No child should have to grow up without their parents but many little ones in Murang’a County are still in desperate need. In Murang’a County life for a fatherless child can be quite an uphill task. Widowed mothers are under immense pressure, typically having to leave her children unsupervised for hours, days and sometimes even weeks to go and earn some money.

Children are denied a normal, happy childhood, typically dropping out of school and little ones as young as five may have to work to earn some substitute income for the family.






Life for these little ones is anything but bright. However, with your support, we can turn this around.

At ST.MICHAEL COMMUNITY CENTRE, we are trying to take care of hundreds of vulnerable orphans and our goal is to bring hundreds more on board. We believe every child deserves a healthy, happy childhood and we’re committed to safeguarding the lives of the most vulnerable. By ensuring each and every orphaned child is safe, healthy and protected, we aim to relieve the harsh reality of being orphaned. We are doing what we can, but for as little as $38  per month, per orphan we could do even more.

 Click “DONATE FOR ORPHANS PROGRAM “below to change the life of an orphan forever.

Your donation for this cause is spent specifically on Vulnerable Orphans.

  • Paying for Orphan’s Education and Training
  • Orphan home upkeep
  • Food & Clothing for Orphans
  • Medicine or hospital expenses
  • Meet critical needs
  • Provide Nutrition
  • Monthly  Widow and Orphans food parcel

Help Us Do More!

Make a Donation to St. Michael Community Centre & Make a change in the lives of Vulnerable Orphans in Murang’a