We currently don’t have an office where we can run our activities. We wish to start with a small inclusive office. One ground floor only.

The St. Michael Community Centre office will have the following offices:

  1. Director’s office.
  2. Administrator Office which will have the filing cabinets where we will keep all correspondence, Records and account documents.
  3. A meeting room where we will have our meetings and also where client/Donor meetings can be held.
  4. A Reception area and public waiting area will also be available.

This will cost Ksh. 300,000/-.

USD. 3,000/-


St. Michael Community Centre in based in rural Murang’a.  This is upcountry and the road infrastructure is limited.

We intend to have the administrator’s house built within the same land the Community centre will be built. She will be able to facilitate any activities that will take place within the centre thought out the day without the hassle of traveling from a far home.

This will cost Ksh. 450,000/-

USD. 4,500/-



St. Michael Community Centre has various donations made in kind. These items are donated by well-wisher for the sake of improving the economic wellbeing of the poor disenfranchised community. Computers, Food, Chairs, Clothes, Shoes, Playing Items, Beddings and School items among other items. These items need to be kept well and safe until they are disbursed to the community centre members.

This will cost Ksh. 450,000/-

USD. 4,500/-



At St. Michael Community Centre we recognize that a library has great potential for helping the poor and disenfranchised.

For many poor community children and youth, the library is the only refuge for information, literacy, entertainment, language skills and employment help.

By also connecting to the internet we will be able to bring the very poor community closer to the modern world.

We intend to have a library stocked with current education syllabus books and general reading books for general reading and knowledge.

To keep pace with the current information technology we intend to have computers for the digital library for the children to access magazine articles, books, papers, images, sound files, and videos.

With support we can have internet connection, Dial-up connection that can be used to access plain-text documents and some documents containing images.

Children study materials can also be downloaded and used to study in groups.

Ours is to close the technological bridge between the modern world and our rural community.

This project will cost an estimated Ksh. 1,000,000/-

USD. 10,000/-



We focus on a simple, low-cost, block making technology used for building house, schools, clinics, water–tanks and latrines. Known as interlocking stabilized soil block (ISSB) technology, the blocks are made of soil, which is mixed with a small amount of cement and are compressed into blocks in a hand-press machine and kept moist to “cure” these blocks have an interlocking feature on top and bottom and both ends which simplifies construction.

St. Michael Community Centre  is committed to training the youth to adopt such technology and mobilize resources to acquire the machines for them for their income generation.

Cost of Project will Ksh 400,000/-  or  USD 4,000/-




Due to the various supporting projects that St. Michael Community Centre will be doing it will be necessary to have a general shop that can be used as an outlet for the various products manufactured by the members.

What can you find in the shop:

  • Jewelry – Beads, Necklaces, earrings
  • Candles
  • Brown khaki bags
  • Kiondo
  • Clothe sanitary pad sets
  • School clothes
  • African wear
  • Khaki Gift bags
  • Leather items
  • Sandals

Cost of the Project Ksh 400,000/-  or USD 4,000/-



By realizing that it’s important to give the disenfranchised families hands up, St. Michael Community Centre will work with parents to help increase family income and security.

Special attention too for the people living with disabilities.

The business that is normally run by the poor disadvantaged parents in Murang’a are very small business that trade in second hand clothes and shoes, charcoal, miscellaneous vegetables, cereals and confectionaries  among many.. Some women do keep other businesses like rabbits, chicken for eggs business at home.

Due to the fact that most women have limited education it becomes difficult to operate their business with ledgers hence, prompting us to provide simple accounting training to them.

The families require very small grants to run their business which in turn support their income uplifting their families.

St. Michael Community Centre will endeavor to get partners to provide  grants, usually less than $50  (Ksh.5,000/- ) , to help parents built their small businesses.  This will be a turning point in their families.




Play park is a place specifically designed to enable children to play there. It is typically outdoors.

St. Michael Community  Centre  endeavors to create a modern  play park so that the disadvantaged children of our community  have the opportunity to play in modern facilities.

We wish to setup a modern play park which has recreational equipment such as the seesaw, merry-go-round, swing-set, slide, jungle gym, chin-up bars, sandbox, spring rider, trapeze rings, playhouses, and mazes. This will impact well in the health  of many  children who will develop physical coordination, strength, and flexibility, as well as providing recreation and enjoyment and supporting social and emotional development.

This project is estimated at Ksh 1,000,000/-

                                                    USD. 10,000/-






Children cannot be well-nourished without water, sanitation and hygiene which is why we ensure such practices in our program centers.

Water is very scarce in Murang’a especially during the dry season when the rivers are dry.

St. Michael Community Centre wishes to build a water tank at the community centre so as to provide free drinking water to the very vulnerable and poor school going children. They will be allowed to draw water into their water bottles on the way to school. This water will be clean and hygienically stored in the tank. Those children who will come for various activities at the community centre will also utilize the same water.

Posters will also be put at the water drinking points for the children information on know to wash their hands and how to save water.


This project will cost    Ksh. 500,000/-

USD. 5,000/-



St. Michael Community Centre will house various activities for the very poor in the Murang’a Community. In pursuit of this various rooms will be provided for groups.

This will enable the various groups to meet and work together in a single place in their endeavor improve their economic situation.

This workshop rooms will be about 20 x 20 feet each. Able to accommodate a small work group with machine, shelves, tables, etc.

Green energy Solar Power will be essential to cut down on electricity costs.

These rooms will be for various activities for various groups among them:


Cost of Project  is estimated at Ksh 500,000/- or USD 5,000/-