You can personally sponsor a needy child

St Michael Community Centre does not receive funding from the government or any government agencies. We are therefore fully dependent on contributions from private persons, corporations and organizations.

St Michael Community Centre desires to match every vulnerable child with a willing sponsor who will humbly support them on the road to a successful future. But sometimes finding sponsors takes a long time.

Please give a gift to help us provide vulnerable orphans with all they need to begin healing! When they get fed, clothed, educated and cared for in a loving environment, you experience the joy of sponsorship!

Thousands of orphaned children in Murang’a are destitute. Many of them live with their own parents or guardians but still go hungry, wear torn and worn out clothes, and don’t go to school because their guardians are unable to provide  for local school fees. Most children suffer from malnutrition or suffer abuse. Regular support from sponsors helps provide daily food, clothing, shelter, counseling and medical help.

Needy children are assisted while they live with their parents or relatives. The aid sent by sponsors enables such children to have proper nutrition and to afford an education by buying school uniforms and books.

By sending USD $38 or more per month, you can help a needy child.

St Michael Community Centre will send you the name, photo and related child information. Further, we will also send you updates on the development of the child you are sponsoring as they become available.

Why should I sponsor?

As a child sponsor, you’ll be meeting the most pressing needs of a child. You will develop a meaningful relationship. And you’ll be able to teach the children in your life the importance of sharing with those in desperate need through your example.

You may give birth to a whole new generation of child sponsors!

How can I interact with my child?

  • Receive personal letters and notes from your child and write back
  • Get updates on your child’s progress in school and other activities
  • Enjoy contributing to a special TREAT FUND for Christmas and birthdays
  • Plan a visit to meet your child

How can I choose a child?

We have made a database of children who are available for sponsorship. If you are interested in sponsoring a child, please email us at njoroge@stmichaelscentre.org. We will send you details of the children in our waiting list and their family details.

For more information on this and other facets of our child sponsorship program, please Email us at :



USD 38.00 per Month