At ST.MICHAEL COMMUNITY CENTRE we have a pioneer FOUR-TIER model which we want to setup and ensure we empower women in Murang’a County and reduce the level of poverty.

We encourage women in Murang’a County to realize their value and reach their potential through job, training and education.

As a result, many will own a business and feed and care for their own children.

Our FOUR-TIER MODEL involves creating women groups, training them, providing credit and finally  connecting them to the larger market.


St Michael Community Centre will first register  Self-Help Groups (SHG), made up of women only, who have agreed to support each other, learn together and  save together. 10 or more group members will contribution towards a groups savings fund. This will be done weekly or monthly depending with what they agree upon.

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When the group is registered and they have contributed their saving we commence the training of the group members on how to discover and develop small businesses. We further train them on modules of basic book keeping, business development and how to market their products.  Interpreters will be available for those who don’t understand English or Swahili.


The groups savings funds help finance their new businesses. Where the group expands in members and cannot use their internal savings we commence training them on credit management. From here we connect them with firms that provide microloans, typically worth about US $100 per member. We will partner with firms that will fund the groups. The envisage loan repayment to be above 90%.


St. Michael Community Centre we will help the women compete and thrive in competitive markets for their goods, by helping them source cheaper supplies and to improve branding and packaging of their products. This will provide them with a steady flow of sales for their goods or services and thus bring home income and benefit their communities at large.